DevOps Engineer

I'm a Systems Operations Engineer at IQVia. I work with development and operations teams to facilitate updates and management of our web application. My tools include: Git, Ansible, Jenkins, ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), Docker, Windows Server, CentOS 7, C#, PowerShell.

Road Cyclist

Give me an open road and a cool, sunny day, and I'm happy. I support the National MS Society. Please Donate.

I enjoy working on many public and personal project; some of which are shared below:


MyBrews is an online data catalog for vinters and brewers. It allows producers to catalog detailed data points (ingredients, temperatures, timestamps, etc) on a unique URL for each batch. Unauthenticated consumers may scan a QR code printed on a bottle to view the entire history of their beverage of choice.

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I contributed a few Microsoft Windows modules to Ansible as part of managing large-scale deployment of an IIS web application while working at IQvia.

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jQuery Photo Uploader

Published as an NPM package, this jQuery plugin provides a simple method for web developers to allow users to capture, manipulate, and POST images (from either local storage, or attached cameras) as base64-encoded PNG data to any specified API endpoint.

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I created a Python plugin for OBS Studio which automatically negotiates GStreamer pipelines from networked devices into OBS video scenes using layer 2 discovery and the obs-gstreamer plugin.

I use this plugin to provide different camera angles in OBS Studio from multiple RaspberryPi cameras.

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Church CRM

ChurchCRM is a free, open-source, web based application to help churches and other non-profits manage guests, donations, groups, and more. I've been a core maintainer of the project since 2015.

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